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Casa Damm Di Sogno is situated near the little village Castel Boglione and only 5 kilometers from Nizza Monferrato where you can do shopping and also have the possibility to go to the local food market. Once per month there is also an antique market down town Nizza.


Castel Boglione is situated in the province of Asti in the Piedmont region, where food and wine is the dominating profession.


Piedmont is the second largest region in Italy and is best known for its many producers of fantastic wines and foods. Grapes like Barbera and Nebbiolo and wine brands as Barolo and Barbaresco is just outside the door.


The region and landscape is also perfect for tracking and biking. With small villages spread out in the hilly country side you have all possibilities to combine active holydays with rest in the many restaurants placed in every village on your road.  


Climate is mild and generally like the Mediterranean. The winters are short. Spring and autumn are long and mild, while the summer is dry and warm.



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